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Off-topic. Part 2

mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy! Please remember: 1. Not to post one-worded or very short replies such as "thank you". The forum has got a thank you button (Спасибо) at the bottom of everyones posts therefore please use it ! 2. Don't post replies in which you are talking about something that is only interesting to 1 or 2 other forum members. Remember, this is a forum, and your replies have to be interesting to all members. All posts which do not follow these rules will be deleted. Thank You.

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Gladys: silhouetteofthenight I think all who regist on russian forum,can write here But it would be greate if you create such voting on international website!!!!!!!! And all will write their opinion!!!!!!!!

mariya: Girls, all future translations of questions please write using the private messaging facility. I will need to tidy up this topic later on because one worded answers such as "thank you" just waste space when the forum has got a thank you button at the bottom of everyones posts. Also, I think I need to write a short version of the forum rules in english which will be posted at the top of this topic later on today

silhouetteofthenight: Ok great Gladys I'll get around writing my opinion later today, cause right now I have to go study. -.- I already made a section on international website as well so guys make sure you write your opinion there too! Gladys, I just wanted to ask you if he said in an interview on radio Echo today that he wants to know our opinion or where did you find out about it? I was listening, but I understood only some parts of it Mariya ok, will remember it for the next time.

ybet: Gladys where Dima said that??yesterday on radio? and also can someone translate what Dima said yesterday on that radio?? did he answered the questions??

mariya: No Dima did not say anything about this on the radio yesterday, so I don't know where Gladys got this information from. Maybe because the diary of Radio Koldun set up a russian version of this, so Gladys decided it would be a good idea to do one in english. Dima was on the radio for about 50 minutes yesterday. It was live from the train (Moscow - Gomel (Belarus) ) in which Dima and the presenter where travelling in. To be honest, it would take a very long time to translate everthing that was said, but there was no new information. Firstly Dima explained the story of the 3 producers and why he is a producer of his own at the moment. He repeated that the album will be released in February which will include songs of a pop-rock style, not pop! They then tried to play one of the songs from the rock-opera but couldn't find it for a about 5 minutes ))))) Then Dima talked about the rock-opera (no new info really) although he did mention that they were going to go to California just after the premier with the cast and crew. Overall, it was nice to hear Dima on the radio without all the songs and other advertisements in between for the whole 50 minutes!

Borce: Wow really intersting way to make interview Yeahhh it's GREAT that on the album will be only pop-rock songs because that is real Dima and +his pop-rock songs till now are PREFECT!!!!!!Also I read that he said that he wrote the half songs for his album and half that other composers or I'm wrong?

ybet: mariya пишет: Then Dima talked about the rock-opera (no new info really) although he did mention that they were going to go to California just after the premier with the cast and crew Umm.. what about Chile,Mexico and Venezuela?wow so many places.. offtopic: well even that we will write our opinion about him, how Dima can see it..?

mariya: Borce пишет: Also I read that he said that he wrote the half songs for his album and half that other composers or I'm wrong? Yes, you are correct. Dima said yesterday that about half of the songs from his album he wrote himself, while the other half was written by composers from Russian adn Belarus. I think it will be a good mix of songs, and I also remember him saying that most of the songs will be new, except for maybe a couple of old ones. ybet пишет: Umm.. what about Chile,Mexico and Venezuela?wow so many places.. As I have written before, these countries are only at planning stage. ybet пишет: offtopic: well even that we will write our opinion about him, how Dima can see it..? Write your opinions here, Dima reads the forum

Borce: Yeah maybe but also it's good the idea on Snezana.To write our opinions in one place and than she to copy-past them here and said the results from the voting which is on his international site and in that wayDima will see all opinions together!!!!

silhouetteofthenight: Borce yep I will do that, cause this way replies will be on our website and also here so you don't have to write all around, but only write on the website and then when there'll be a lot of replies already I'll copy paste them all and Dima can read them in one post. Mariya maybe I can create a new topic here and already post replies and when there are new post new ones too? so Dima can see opinions easier when he comes to that section? Also Mariya, thank you for telling what he said in an interview, I understood some parts about California, Rock Opera and Producers. And lol at that part when they were switching songs was funny =D I was thinking through the whole interview what is that sound of a train in background all the time, now I know Edited by mariya: post the opinions in this topic first. I will then transfer them to a new topic or maybe direct them to Dima himself for his own pleasure reading ))

Gladys: Press-conference http://www.aif.ru/conference/conference/conference_id/254#

silhouetteofthenight: Edited by mariya: post the opinions in this topic first. I will then transfer them to a new topic or maybe direct them to Dima himself for his own pleasure reading )) OK, will do that then. Gladys thanks for the link!

nadia2: We have to write our opinions here about Dima's radio and his songs?

silhouetteofthenight: Nadia I just posted all you have to write on the website, so please write your opinions there and I'll copy all of them then and send them here and to radio Koldun. Also, they'll stay on the website.

silhouetteofthenight: hi guys! here are opinions on radio koldun and Dima from our website so far Claire (England): I first discovered Dima at ESC, and ever since I have followed him and become a big fan of him and his music. I think that he not only has a fantastic and beautiful voice, a wonderful and great personality, and a unique style all of his own, he also has that "special something", and I think that he could not only make it big here in the UK but also worldwide. I think that he has that something that makes a superstar a global superstar!. My favourite songs are: Ya dlya tebya, Surrender, Angjel Mechty, Bezraboynaya lubov, Na Volne, Kazhdiy den na zemle, Ne Ray, Reality of Dreams, Angjel pod dozhdjem, Tsarevna, Neseryozno, Plohaya Nobosti, Ya Pridumal, Vse chto ty khochesh and Poezd Na Jug, and many more! I love Radio Koldun, I think that it is a fantastic idea, it is a great way to listen to him! I listen regularly, 5/7 days a week on average :D. Dima is a great guy, funny, charming, kind, extremely talented and deserves to go far in the music business. Don't change for anyone because you are awesome the way you are :D! I wish you all the very best of luck in the future, and I hope it holds many wonderful things for you. With love and kisses, Claire in England xXx Nadia(England): Hi, Since Dima worked his magic in eurovision he has been my favourite singer. He is an amazing singer and songwriter and I'm so excited for his new album. Radio Koldun is so cool and I love listening to it. My favourite songs are surredner, work your magic, reality of dreams, devushka moi mechty, ne serezno, uletayu, Vse, chto ty khochesh and ya budu zhdat.big grin Good luck in rock opera! Miranda(Sweden): Hello everyone! I'm Miranda from Sweden smile I have loved Dima ever since I saw him in the ESC smile) He's my absolute favourite singer smile I created the unofficial english forum about a year ago, and I hope you will watch it dima to see how many fans around europe you have smile) I love you soooo much! I'm attracted to both your look and personality smile) You're the nicest guy i have ever known about, and you really deserve to be the world's number 1 )) Love and Kisses, Miranda Stefany (Bulgaria): Hello friends smile I'm Stefi from Bulgaria and like you I'm a huge fan of Dima smile He attracted me from the first time I saw him on Eurovision and after that moment I don't stop listening his songs smile I love you Dima you are wonderful and so charming smile You deserve to win the hearts of the people all over the world. kisses for all. Hedy (Estonia): I think he is the bestbig grin I really like his songs, his style...all. I have one club in Estonia, there are 16 members. For Dima: Please come to Estonia, all fans come to your concert. I know it. Betul (Turkey): hi everybodysmileI'm Betul from Turkey. I love Dima so so much. He is the best singerin the world for me. really his voice is perfect. I enjoy when I listen to him.He has great songs.We have a big forum about him. and everybody love him in our forum.I have a message for him: Dima you have really too many fans out of Russia and we wait for your Europe concertssmile lots of kisses for him and for all his fans Maria Elena Moreno(Spain): Bueno you soy fan desde ace 4 anos!! y me encanta Dima Koldun!! tengo fotos de el por toda la abitacion... -Su muica es mui buena, ami me encanta y me gustaria k siguiese asi kon el mismo estilo de musica!! -Koldun Radio asido lo mejor... me encanta que tenga una radio solo para canciones de el ^^ - Ja djla tebia, word your magic, angel mechi... -Escucho la radio todos los dias!!! - You soy de Espana (PAIS) SEVILLA (CAPITAL) ALCALA DEL RIO (PUEBLO DONDE Y VIVO!) -Maria Elena Moreno -Pues a verdad... no lo se porque me gusta todo!!! Snežana (Slovenia): Well, now it's my turn to write something. I'd say Dima really is talented singer and I noticed this when I did research of all his songs right after I saw his performance in Eurovision 2007. First the song work your magic sounded really different to me than any other songs and that's exactly what made it special for me and that I decided to look up on Dima. Well what can I say, I loved Ya Dlya Tebya right away - really amazing song! And if I go now further to name all my favourite songs would this be Surrender, Bezrabotnaya Lyubov, Reality of Dreams,Neseryozno, Nikogda, Na Volne, Prosti Za Vso, Vse Chto Ty Hochesh, Ne Ray and Plohaya Nobosti. I don't have anything left to say other than that I really hope to see you live even in My country someday. So Dima, stay the way you are, keep making great music, don't let fame change you and you'll be on top of the charts around the world very soon! My opinion on RADIO KOLDUN - I think it's really great that Dima has his own radio station, it's not like every artist does, so that's something pretty new for me and I think it's really great, cause we can get to hear new songs there first hand - really great radio for all his fans! I listen to it almost every day or every 2-3 days - it really depends on that how much time I have, cause studying takes a lot of time ..yeah, that's about it..I don't really have any other words to say about radio Koldun - I think there's nothing on the radio that I don't like though I got this one idea:D it would be great if every once in a while Dima would come on the radio and answer questions also from his fans from other countries in ENGLISH! I think all the fans would love that. So much about it. Kisses and greetings from Slovenia. Snezana. Leanne (Malta): Hi smile So I've been Dima's fan since I saw him first in eurovision. Dima is a great singer and he's got an amazing voice and personality. He's also a great song writer and every song he wrote is amazing...it's true!! He always looks like the biggest star on stage big grin. Dima I wish you all my luck for more success in the coming future and always stay as you are. Remember that there are a lot of fans out there that love you and support you ;) With lots of love Leanne from Malta xxxxx Ybet(Greece): of course i voted for the first one smile) he's absolutely my favourite singer, i love him from the first time I saw him here in Greece, I can't live without his songs cause they always cheering me up, and I support him for almost 2 years now and I think I will for a long time.. ;) heh, yeah i love himcoolDima never change for anyone, stay exactly like u are cause that's why we love you smile I wish you the best, and I`m pretty sure that in some years you will be in the top there cause u really deserve it sweetty ^^ Evi, from Greece SkyNet(Ireland): Well, i can say that he is most intelligent pearson on russion stage in my opinion)) Dmitry, never lose your style or you'll be like every body else! And here you can check voting results so far http://www.freewebs.com/dmitrykoldunfansinternational/webpoll.html#

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