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Off-topic. Part 2

mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy! Please remember: 1. Not to post one-worded or very short replies such as "thank you". The forum has got a thank you button (Спасибо) at the bottom of everyones posts therefore please use it ! 2. Don't post replies in which you are talking about something that is only interesting to 1 or 2 other forum members. Remember, this is a forum, and your replies have to be interesting to all members. All posts which do not follow these rules will be deleted. Thank You.

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silhouetteofthenight: more new opinions from the website thanks for posting the website under your links as well! x]] here are more new opinions Ellen (Australia): DIMA IS SO AWESOME!!! All of his music is brilliant and I can't wait for his new album to come out. I hope it will be released in Australia because it will be great for sure :) Most of Australia probably doesn't really know about you but I do and i LOVE your music :D Cornelia (Austria): I really like Your songs. Especially "Tsarevna", "Ya Dlya Tebya" and "Uletayu". But the others are also very good! Unfortunately not one of my friends know You. But I listen to Your songs every free minute, so they are going to know You ^^ I just wanted to say, stay like You are and keep writing new songs! Greetings from Austria, Vienna xxx Vaida (Lithuania): ZDRASVITE!big grin greetings from lithuania. I am a big fan of Dmitriy music. i love his songs and he himself. my favorites his song these days are under venus, fogive for all and i would wait because they are about very nice and serious things.smilei wish him good luck in his job and work. i hope he will create a lot of beautiful songs and he will be more famous. p.s.i hope he will create more songs in english because lots of young people prefer listening english music than russian.

chipa1885: Колдун пишет: This pics is just an imagination of my last producer. Don't worry)) These pics are really the reasons for concern, in my humble opinion They don`t reflect the real face of our artist , but try to show what`s in fashion nowadays. But it doesn`t matter, that it`s the best. Because the best is DK

Stella: yeah i agree with you!the best is Dima Koldun!!!what do you think about his interview?it is called "the music merge us" i dont know exactly how is it called!anyway,it was a nice interview and tells many things about the music and the new Dima's album!he has composed so many songs!he said that it could take 3 albums for all those songs!iam sure that all songs are great and in my opinion its good to be all of them in his album but its a bit impossible since are so many!

nadia2: Well I'm so excited to hear what songs Dima will put on his first album, and I'm sure they'll be the best

chipa1885: Stella пишет: what do you think about his interview?it is called "the music merge us" i dont know exactly how is it called It means that music "makes" magic & makes everybody closer to each other, may be makes us think in a special way...the way to understand the sences of persons, who important in our lives... In general the article is very informative and show us, that DK is working hard , so it`s nice way of "development"

ybet: I loved that interview.)) Dima was funny as always, and I agree with the title even that I didnt understand the whole interview

Stella: and he is thinking of a new video clip!thats so interesting and nice!

silhouetteofthenight: new opinions from the website ;] Helena-Natalia(Greece) Hello everyone!! Dmitry is really the best =))) well, my name is helena and i'm from Greece, 18 years old.. I love his music, and really everything on him..! and i also apricate him as a guy [maybe i don't know him in personal] but some things are obvious-he's hiself, he doesn't make scandals for popularity he's very simple and that makes me love him even more.))))) My favourite song of him is angel mechti, and kazdij den, na zemple. I really don't know what else to write about you-you're just the best))) Greetings from Greece!! PS: We're waiting for u Dimka, you promised that you'll be back soon, we don't forget! =D kolduna (Malta) dima is wonderful and i love his songs. i would like him to promote more english songs and more sites to downloads songs from more updated news about him. love you lots. malta Nastya(Spain): Me gusta mucho el como persona, siempre dice lo que piensa sin rodeos! y cantante de eso no hay duda! (: Espero que siga creciendo y evolucionando!! Pk el lo vale!! U Rock Dima! smile Vale (Slovenia) Hello everyone!* Privet Dima! My name is Valentina - for friends Vale and i am 16 years old. I first saw Dima on Eurovision 2007 with his "Work your magic". I must say he was awesome on the stage!!!! after that i was watching videos from "Fabrika zvezd 6" and i was even more impressed. I was a big fan for a half year or something but then not any more. Dima is not my favorite favorite singer but the 2nd one! :D BUT i still love him! Dima - Your voice is the best voice that i have ever heard. When i listen to your songs, especially "Reality of dreams" to me comes that power that i don't know how to explain. With that song i fell stronger and alive :D I love all the songs, especially "Tzarevna", "Ya dlya tebya", "Ty uletish" and "Uletayu" which i know the lyrics from first letter to the last one Tnx to Snezana, my dear friend who is the same as i am - Slovenian, for making this wonderful website, thanks to all people here AND thanks to Dima, who is who he is!!!! Greetings, Valentina Georgiana (Romania) Hello from Romania!smileI really like Dima`s music!His songs make me feel great everytime..I can`t explain what i feel.. The first song that I heard was "work your magic" and I felt that my heart was beating fast..really fastsmile..then I knew that Dima will be my favourite for ever!smile HE is totally the best! All the best wishes for him! kisses Maria (ilovedimakoldun)! (Greece) Dima I love you! Your voice is super! I really love,love,love,love you~! All ur songs are the best, im learning russian only for you! Ya tebia liubliu Dimo4ka so-so much! ))))) get up is ur best song on my opinion, I love radio-koldun ;) Pls come to Grece for a concert i want to see youuuu =) Maria (13), Grece poll here:http://polls.freewebs.com/Members/Polls/viewPollResults.jsp?pollID=2796568&userID=35139931

Borce: Guys any news from the concert that was yesterday?Which songs Dima sang?

mariya: Borce пишет: Which songs Dima sang? Dima sang "Poezd na ug" and "Bezrabotnaya Lubov'" Not sure if anyone actually recorded this, but hopefully someone did and will be able to upload it here. Will post the link if it becomes available.

Borce: I just saw the pictures from yesterday and he looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! 1The girls who took the pictures said that she will put the video later.So thanks god video from yesterday exist! !!!!!!!I heard also that he sang also Ne ray!!!!

ybet: Well Dima looks really great! Thanks for the photos, my favourite is this one so far, he looks like an angel

Borce: And mine too Ybet!!!!!!!!!!!!!It's on my background right now!!!!!!Very beautiful and special picture!!!!I agree with you like real angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

silhouetteofthenight: I also like this one, but he looks great in all! I'm glad there's video of it and we'll get to see it. x]

miranda: is there a video? to me it looks like someone took pictures with a phone

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