English 2007-2010 Off-topic. Part 2

Off-topic. Part 2

mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy! Please remember: 1. Not to post one-worded or very short replies such as "thank you". The forum has got a thank you button () at the bottom of everyones posts therefore please use it ! 2. Don't post replies in which you are talking about something that is only interesting to 1 or 2 other forum members. Remember, this is a forum, and your replies have to be interesting to all members. All posts which do not follow these rules will be deleted. Thank You.

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Borce: Thank you very much Nadia!!!

silhouetteofthenight: Borce I love it too!

miranda: Gladys thanks for the information. I think that's great. The songs he writes himself is awesome :))

Gladys: Do you know that the song there is on radio ""(its the radio of )now??????

nadia2: Alla pugachova's radio? She used to be married to philip kirkorov right?

Gladys: nadia2 Yes She was married to Philip Kirkorov she has the radio And the 8th 10 2008 began rotation of on TopHit.!!!!!!!!!!

ybet: I`m sue is gona be a hit!! ;)

Gladys: ybet Evy i hope!!!!!!!

silhouetteofthenight: I hope so too guys! x]]

Gladys: have rotation on 80 radiostations now!!!!!!! Its 206 cyties!!!!!!!

nadia2: OMG 80 radiostations, that's so awesome. So I guess it might be the next single and maybe a videoclip for it.

Borce: WOW WOW that sounds GREAT!!! Very good news!!!Yes Nadia and I hope on that.

ybet: That`s great Gladys thanks :D and in what place>??

ybet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvqMwua6-jc is that song for a movie??

silhouetteofthenight: that's really great news Gladys! In what city's the song is played? Ybet, I saw that video 2 days ago and was asking the same..