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mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy!

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julmoo: Hey Valentina and Sasha! A very heartly welcome in this forum! I hope you enjoy being here! Cya!

leanne: Hey Valentina, welcome!! it's nice to see you here! and also welcome to Sasha!

ilovedimakoldun: Thanks from where you know Dmitriy? Me, from favrika, cause my mom is from Russia

Valentinna: Hey!! Thank you all!! I know Dima since he was on Eurovision last year.. He was awesome wasn`t he??

ybet: vale you were to his old forum of dima.right?? how was there?? i've never been there of course he was great


ybet: I couldn't sign up cause i couldnt se the code

Valentinna: Yea, i was a member there well.. it was nice hehe... anyway.. how are you all today??

julmoo: I'm fine thank's Valentina! How are you others all today?! @Sasha: I know him from ESC 2007. You're so lucky you have seen Dima in FZ 6

nadia2: i know dima from esc and i met him there - he was the best and should have won what was his old forum? koldunclub??

MiriamEla: Great, now my lyric posts got moved... and they'll never be noticed. *points to Nadia's picture* N. V. ENVY.

ybet: nadia2 yeah it was koldunclub/forum MiriamEla don't worry, be in haggies we know that they are great Valentinna I mean if were many people..

Valentinna: ybet Hm.... well a lot more than here.. but mostly from Russia - i think:) heh..

ybet: Valentinna ok,thanks vale!!

Valentinna: And MiriamEla Ybet is right! Your lyrics are great and everything so you don`t have to worry if they aren`t published here

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