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Audio/Video discussion.

mariya: Hello everyone! This thread is for audio/video discussion about Dima's performances on TV, videoclips, interviews(on TV and radio) or even if you have seen him performing live. We want to hear your views and opinions! P.S: This topic is for discussion only. Please post your videos into this thread (link) so that everyone on the forum has the opportunity to look if they wish

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Stella: wow those are good news! i cant wait

nadia2: That's so great that he wants a new video.

silhouetteofthenight: these are great news, but when will he announce the exact date? either way that's great he wants to shoot a video as well, can't wait!

Gladys: silhouetteofthenight I hope Dima will announce the exact date in the next month........ I mean represantation his album ......

ybet: Great that it will be a video clip, i hope soon Off topic: Well, Of course it will be publish the exact day of the represantation of his album soon, how people would know when his album will come out then..?

mariya: Dima said that presentation of his album will be at the end of February. However, the actual will come out (in shops, and other places where you can buy CD's ) sometime in spring.

nadia2: Will he have a new photoshoot for the album?

mariya: No information as to whether there will be a new photoshoot. But to be honest, I think at the moment Dima is concentrating more on finishing the music material.

mariya: The russian version of "Don't Fade Away" (Plach' i poi) has been added to the "Radio Koldun" playlist. Don't forget to leave your opinions here.

ybet: Oh, i like more the english version but this version is great too!

Stella: yes i agree with you ybet!the English version is better.i dont know... the english version its more emotional

Borce: I love the both versions!!!!!!I also love the russian lyrics!!!And they are very emocional and beautiful!!!!

nadia2: I love the russian version, it's really nice!

silhouetteofthenight: I like russian version, but my fav is still english one. Lyrics in russian are very nice, but I think it comes more to a point in english version and lyrics are more powerful there. ^^

miranda: Does anyone if Pesnya Goda 2009 in Ukraine has been aired on TV yet? I would really like to have this performances there

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