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Audio/Video discussion.

mariya: Hello everyone! This thread is for audio/video discussion about Dima's performances on TV, videoclips, interviews(on TV and radio) or even if you have seen him performing live. We want to hear your views and opinions! P.S: This topic is for discussion only. Please post your videos into this thread (link) so that everyone on the forum has the opportunity to look if they wish

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alice: if discussion than discussion... i've registered here not coz i'm fan of Dima Koldun... but coz i would like to share one thing...it's rather curious..it excited me very much... it's about one Dima's song. Tsarevna. once i showed video of this song to my nepali friends in nepal... do u know what they've said???!!! i was so much surprised with their reaction... they said it looks like hindi song... like indian song... everything: tune, even u know, how the words sound sometimes it reminded them hindi language... i couldn't believe that's why after sometime i showed this video to my indian friends :) (just to learn their opinion).. first question which i've heard from them was, "Is he Belarusian?". "Does he looks like Indian?!!" (was my surprise) "Yes"...and they have said same as nepali friends... that this song is like indian song... isn't it funny??? how it could become possible,,, i have no idea... but it's great. now Dmitry Koldun can popularize his work in the East... ;) coz it has turned out that his song became close and understandable for people of diff countries and cultures... belarusian and nepalese or indian... but anyway we are relatives ;)...

Gladys: alice You surprised me too!!! Song Tsarevna looks like indian song....may be.... But Dima looks like Indian Time for creating Dima`s fan-club in India is coming ???

Borce: OMG our Dima is becomeing famous in India!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is totaly COOL!!! I think that they are ready!!!Guys I recomed you to listen all Dima's song because they are amazing and he is amazing too!!!!I see that great music like Dima's can be famous everywhere and the language is not so important!!!Many thanks to this post Alice

nadia2: Dima was so amazing in his concert today, I love the new songs! :)

miranda: For me the online video stopped several times, like every minute it felt like. it was kinda hard to concertate on him and the music while the video stopped, but he sounded awesome, and i really wish i was there to see him for real! great work Dima!!

Borce: Yeah I agree!!!The BEST concert ever!!!! I'm without words!!!!!He was perfect...........I love his new songs especilay the english one which I think that is called"I know"but maybe I'm wrong!!!!he was amazingggg....Dima thanks for those lovely moments!!!!You ROCK!!!!

Borce: Hey guys can someone translate this for me better please 7 мая вечером в «Евродоме» (здание ЦВЗ «Манеж», Манежная площадь д.1) в рамках песенного конкурса Евровидение 2009 состоится концертное выступление Дмитрия Колдуна и его музыкального коллектива.

mariya: Borce , On 7th May Dima and his band will perform at the "Eurodrome" areana due to the Eurovision Song Contest being so soon. :)

Serebrocat: the concert was amazing! I loved it ;) And I think his stage performances is really funny ;) & great :D :D my fav song still is Vsyo Chto ti Xochesh

SantoRini: "Dmitry Koldun was the host as well as singing and he was wonderful and very confident at hosting." This is the opinion of the one european journalist who was yesterday on Belorussian party. :)

Borce: Thanks for the info SantoRini I'm so glad when I read this news about yesterday!!!!I'm so happy for Dima because the reactions are great!!!!

Львагр@: And it was not pleasant to me it blows with Rudovoj. She is not able to sing at all, only wriggles. I would like Dimu to see together with Snatkinoj.

miranda: How cool that the journalists think he was great! He really did a great job! I wish i could have been there

Borce: I agree Miranda... when we are about the journalist I really love this moment on the belarussian press conference when he is drinking vodka....he is hilarious here .I see that there are many cameras and photographers so I want to see pictures!!!!He is always very intersting and makes really intersting things!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adZdr7DV3Ao&feature=channel_page

miranda: yeah, that looked really funny :D

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